Welcome to our article on MinuteClinic, a leading healthcare provider offering over 125 medical services. With locations in Sacramento, Elk Grove, and Galt, and open daily from 9am-9pm, 365 days a year, MinuteClinic offers convenient and accessible healthcare to the community. Our experienced care team provides in-person and telehealth consultations for a wide range of health concerns and conditions. We accept insurance and offer competitive pricing, with treatments, health screenings, and vaccinations available 7 days a week. With more than 1,100 locations nationwide and virtual care support available 24/7, MinuteClinic is dedicated to bringing quality and affordable care to all.


More Than 125 Medical Services Offered

When it comes to accessible and comprehensive healthcare services, MinuteClinic stands out for offering an extensive range of medical services. With a focus on providing convenient and affordable care, MinuteClinic caters to individuals seeking primary care, virtual care, and wellness services. The clinic prides itself on the diverse services it offers, ensuring that patients can address various health concerns and conditions with ease. Whether it's a minor illness, injury, or the need for ongoing support for chronic conditions, patients can rely on MinuteClinic for a wide array of healthcare solutions. From basic treatments to health screenings and vaccinations, the clinic is committed to promoting the health and wellness of individuals and families.

Furthermore, MinuteClinic's dedication to offering an extensive range of services is underscored by its commitment to meeting the everyday and specialized healthcare needs of its patients. This includes access to experienced nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physicians who are equipped to provide high-quality care. The clinic covers a broad spectrum of health services, from preventive care to the management of chronic conditions. This multi-faceted approach ensures that patients can receive personalized and targeted care that aligns with their unique health requirements. With a focus on convenience, accessibility, and quality, MinuteClinic reaffirms its position as a leading provider of diverse and essential healthcare services.

Open Daily 9am-9pm, 365 Days

MinuteClinic's commitment to accessible healthcare is reflected in its extensive operating hours, open every day from 9am to 9pm, 365 days a year. This unparalleled level of availability allows individuals to seek medical attention and guidance at their convenience, without being restricted by traditional office hours. Whether it's a weekday, weekend, or holiday, patients can rely on MinuteClinic to be there for them. The clinic's dedication to being open every day, all year round, demonstrates its unwavering commitment to ensuring that individuals have access to the care they need, precisely when they need it.

Moreover, the availability of medical services 7 days a week, including evenings, serves as a vital resource for individuals with busy schedules or those who require urgent medical attention outside of regular business hours. In addition to in-person consultations, MinuteClinic also offers telehealth appointments, further enhancing access to care by allowing individuals to connect with qualified healthcare providers from the comfort of their own homes. This combination of in-person and virtual care aligns with the clinic's goal of providing flexible and accessible healthcare solutions to the community, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes for patients.

Walk-In In-Person and Virtual Appointments

Recognizing the diverse needs and preferences of individuals seeking healthcare services, MinuteClinic offers both walk-in, in-person appointments and the option for virtual consultations. This dual approach to care delivery ensures that individuals have the freedom to choose the mode of consultation that best suits their circumstances, whether it's a sudden ailment that requires immediate attention or the convenience of a virtual visit. By offering walk-in and virtual appointments, the clinic empowers patients to take control of their healthcare journey, providing them with the flexibility and choice they need to seek timely and suitable care.

Furthermore, the availability of virtual appointments through telehealth services reflects MinuteClinic's responsiveness to the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery. By leveraging technology to facilitate remote consultations, the clinic demonstrates its commitment to innovation and meeting the changing needs of patients. Virtual appointments also play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals have access to professional medical guidance and support, regardless of any barriers that may limit their ability to seek in-person care. Whether it's for the management of chronic conditions or the evaluation of minor illnesses and injuries, virtual care services offered by MinuteClinic contribute to a more patient-centric and adaptable healthcare experience.

Affordable Care

At the core of MinuteClinic's mission is the belief that high-quality healthcare should be both convenient and affordable. The clinic's dedication to providing cost-effective care is evident in its approach to pricing, which is designed to ensure that individuals can access the services they need without undue financial burden. Moreover, MinuteClinic's commitment to affordable care extends to its acceptance of various insurance plans, allowing patients to leverage their coverage for a wide range of healthcare services provided by the clinic.

By offering competitive pricing and accepting insurance plans, MinuteClinic strives to make essential healthcare services more accessible to a broader spectrum of the population, thereby promoting health equity and inclusivity. This approach not only benefits individuals and families seeking affordable care but also aligns with the clinic's overarching goal of being a trusted and reliable healthcare partner within the community. Whether it's a routine check-up, treatment for a minor ailment, or the management of a chronic condition, MinuteClinic's commitment to affordable care ensures that individuals can prioritize their health without facing significant financial obstacles.

40% Less Than Urgent Care

One of the distinguishing factors of MinuteClinic is its cost-effectiveness, as the clinic's services are priced at approximately 40% less than traditional urgent care providers. This substantial price difference positions MinuteClinic as a highly attractive option for individuals seeking quality medical care without the premium costs often associated with urgent care facilities. By offering a more affordable alternative, the clinic effectively broadens access to essential healthcare services, ensuring that cost concerns do not become a barrier to receiving timely and professional medical attention.

MinuteClinic's ability to provide high-quality medical services at a significantly lower cost is a testament to its commitment to redefining the healthcare landscape, making it possible for more individuals to prioritize their health and well-being without sacrificing financial security. This affordability factor, combined with the clinic's extensive range of services and accessible operating hours, solidifies MinuteClinic's reputation as a leading and patient-focused provider of comprehensive and affordable healthcare.

1,100+ Locations Nationwide

With a presence in more than 1,100 locations across 33 states and the District of Columbia, MinuteClinic has established a far-reaching network that brings essential healthcare services closer to communities across the United States. This extensive geographic coverage reflects the clinic's commitment to expanding access to convenient and quality care, ensuring that individuals in diverse regions have the opportunity to benefit from the clinic's comprehensive range of medical services.

By strategically locating its clinics in multiple states, MinuteClinic not only enhances the accessibility of its services but also reinforces its dedication to serving a broad and diverse demographic. The widespread availability of MinuteClinic's healthcare services underscores the clinic's status as a prominent and trusted healthcare provider, capable of meeting the varied and evolving needs of individuals and families nationwide. This extensive network of locations positions MinuteClinic as a go-to resource for individuals seeking reliable, accessible, and patient-centered healthcare solutions in their local communities and beyond.

Services Include Treatments, Screenings, and Vaccinations

MinuteClinic's commitment to promoting holistic health and wellness is exemplified through its comprehensive suite of services, which encompasses a wide range of treatments, screenings, and vaccinations. From addressing minor illnesses and injuries to providing support for chronic conditions, the clinic's services are designed to cater to diverse health needs, ultimately contributing to the well-being of its patients. In addition, MinuteClinic also offers an array of preventive and proactive healthcare services, such as health screenings, vaccinations, and wellness programs, aimed at empowering individuals to stay on top of their health and lead healthier lives.

Furthermore, the clinic's focus on preventive care, including common vaccinations, flu shots, and screenings for conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose, reflects its proactive approach to promoting long-term health and disease prevention. By offering a range of preventive services, MinuteClinic not only addresses current health needs but also equips individuals with the resources and support to safeguard their future well-being. This holistic approach underscores the clinic's commitment to providing comprehensive and multifaceted healthcare services that extend beyond reactive treatments to encompass proactive health promotion and disease prevention.

Care for Everyday and Chronic Conditions

MinuteClinic's team of experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals is equipped to address a wide spectrum of health concerns, catering to both everyday medical needs and the ongoing management of chronic conditions. Whether it's the treatment of common illnesses, the provision of support services, or the monitoring and management of chronic conditions, the clinic's care providers are committed to delivering personalized and compassionate care to every patient. This patient-centric approach ensures that individuals receive the attention and support they need to navigate their health journey with confidence and empowerment.

Moreover, MinuteClinic's comprehensive services for a range of health concerns and conditions go beyond the immediate treatment of illnesses and injuries to encompass ongoing support for chronic conditions, ensuring that patients have a dedicated and reliable partner in managing their long-term health needs. By offering a continuum of care that encompasses everything from everyday health concerns to top chronic conditions, MinuteClinic reinforces its commitment to being a holistic and inclusive healthcare provider that individuals can trust for all their medical needs.

Many Services Covered by Insurance at Low Cost

Recognizing the importance of financial accessibility in healthcare, MinuteClinic ensures that many of its services are covered by insurance plans at a low cost to patients. By partnering with a wide array of insurance providers and offering coverage for an extensive scope of medical services, the clinic prioritizes the financial well-being of its patients while simultaneously upholding the standards of quality care. This approach not only empowers individuals to make the most of their insurance benefits but also minimizes out-of-pocket expenses, thereby reducing financial barriers to seeking essential healthcare services.

Moreover, MinuteClinic's commitment to working with various insurance plans and optimizing coverage for its services reinforces the clinic's dedication to fostering a healthcare environment that is inclusive, accessible, and supportive of individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. By offering affordable and insurance-covered care, MinuteClinic aligns with its mission of bringing convenient, quality care to individuals and families, ensuring that financial considerations do not hinder individuals from prioritizing their health and well-being.

Bringing Convenient, Quality Care to All

In summary, MinuteClinic's unwavering commitment to accessibility, affordability, and comprehensive care positions it as a pivotal player in redefining the healthcare experience for individuals across the United States. Through its extensive range of services, convenient operating hours, and dedication to cost-effective care, the clinic ensures that patients can access the care they need, where and when they need it, without compromising on quality or affordability. By bringing together a team of experienced and compassionate care providers, MinuteClinic fosters a healthcare environment that is inclusive, patient-centered, and supportive of individuals' diverse health needs, ultimately contributing to improved health outcomes and enhanced well-being for all.

Additionally, MinuteClinic's strategic nationwide presence in over 1,100 locations reflects its overarching goal of making quality healthcare accessible to individuals in diverse communities, thereby bridging geographical gaps and ensuring that no individual is left without essential medical support. This extensive network, combined with the clinic's comprehensive suite of services and its dedication to accepting most insurance plans, signifies its commitment to creating a healthcare landscape that is rooted in inclusivity, convenience, and patient-centric care. Through its innovative approach to care delivery and its unwavering focus on meeting the holistic health needs of individuals, MinuteClinic continues to set a high standard for accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare services that prioritize the well-being of the communities it serves.


In conclusion, MinuteClinic offers convenient, quality care for a variety of health needs with over 125 medical services available at affordable prices. With open hours from 9am-9pm, 365 days a year and both in-person and telehealth options, they strive to make healthcare accessible for everyone.


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