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While Sherwood Urgent Care - Lonoke specializes in urgent care services, they can be a helpful resource for initial consultations and treatment of minor musculoskeletal issues. Here's what you can expect:

Efficient Care for Minor Musculoskeletal Issues: If you're experiencing a sudden strain, sprain, or minor fracture, Sherwood Urgent Care can provide prompt evaluation and treatment. Their urgent care setting allows for quicker wait times compared to traditional emergency rooms.

Experienced Professionals: The staff at Sherwood Urgent Care includes licensed medical professionals trained to assess and treat a wide range of urgent medical conditions, including minor orthopedic concerns. While they may not have orthopedic specialists on-site, they can provide initial evaluation, pain management, and potentially recommend further treatment with orthopedic specialists if needed.

Advanced Technology for On-Site Diagnostics: Sherwood Urgent Care may utilize X-ray technology to gain a clearer picture of bone injuries like fractures. This allows for a more accurate diagnosis and helps determine the most appropriate course of treatment.

Convenient Walk-In Services: Understanding that orthopedic issues can arise unexpectedly, Sherwood Urgent Care offers walk-in services, eliminating the need for appointments during their operating hours. This is particularly beneficial for sudden injuries that require prompt attention.

Positive Patient Reviews: Sherwood Urgent Care receives positive feedback for their prompt service, friendly staff, and clean facilities. Patients often commend the center for its efficient care during urgent situations.

First Step for Orthopedic Concerns: While Sherwood Urgent Care isn't a dedicated orthopedic practice, they can serve as a valuable first step for addressing minor musculoskeletal issues. Their prompt evaluation, pain management solutions, and potential referral network can guide you towards comprehensive orthopedic care if needed.

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1306 N Center St, Lonoke, AR 72086, United States

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